Best Ski Fitness Training Workouts

Best Ski Fitness Training Workouts

What are the best ski fitness training workouts to get you in shape for the winter skiing season?

To get fit for skiing fast you are going to need to do ski training workouts 2-3 times per week as a minimum. You ski workouts should focus on doing exercises that will help your skiing through developing ski fitness components like balance and core strength. You will also need to include leg endurance and strength ski exercises into your ski training workouts to have the best results.


What are some good example ski exercises to include in your skiing fitness training workouts? Great leg exercises for skiing would be exercises like dumbbell squats, lateral split squats and jumping exercises. If you do these in your ski workouts you can increase your leg power and also your ski fitness so that your legs don’t get so fatigued when riding fresh powder.



Excellent core exercises for skiing workouts include core stability exercises such as the swiss ball plank, rollouts and rotational exercises for skiers like dumbbell or band chops. You need to ensure you include these types of exercises in your ski training so that you have a strong and stable core which will enhance your fitness for skiing.


You should also make sure you are including some upper body exercises in your ski training workouts because it helps keep your body in balance and will help prevent injury through falls when skiing. Great upper body exercises for skiers will include chinups, pushups, rows and presses. Think about doing both pushing and pulling upper body exercises in your skiing training workouts so that your will not have one side of your body stronger than the other. You should be doing an equal amount of both pushing and pulling exercises in your ski workouts.


Finally it will also be beneficial to your ski fitness to do some ski training cardio workouts. Bodyweight exercises like squat jumps, lateral bounds, burpees and mountain climbers make excellent choices for cardio ski workouts because you can do them at home with minimum equipment. Simple choose a few exercises and make them into a circuit for your ski training cardio workout. Do several circuits of the exercises and you will help to enhance your ski fitness so you can ski hard all day on the mountain.


Hopefully these tips can help you identify the best types of ski fitness training workouts. If you want a step by step ski training fitness plan with done-for-you ski workouts, then make sure you download Total Skiing Fitness – Functional Fitness Training for Skiers and boost your ski fitness this season!


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