Ski Fitness

Ski Fitness

To get the most out of your skiing this season you need to increase your ski fitness so that you can last all day on the mountain without having to retire early due to a lack of conditioning.

There are a lot of great ski exercises you can do at home or at your local gym in order to increase your ski fitness.


Ski Fitness Exercises

To enhance your ski fitness you need to be incorporating a number of different types of ski exercises into your ski workouts.


1. Balance Training – By improving your balance you will increase your ability to stabilize in a changing environment. This means as your balance and ski fitness increases, you will be able to land more jumps, fall less and ski more efficiently as you won’t be using as much energy to keep yourself stable.

2. Core Training – You will need to do more than just situps or crunches to improve your core ski fitness. The latest exercises science is leaning towards more core exercises that help you stabilize against forces acting on your body. This means ski exercises that target anti trunk flexion and extension exercises, anti lateral flexion and also anti rotation training. This basically means you are able to keep stable against these forces.

3. Functional Leg Training – Skiing is done standing up (at least most of the time) so your ski exercises for your legs should predominately be from a standing position. Exercises of machines like leg curls and leg extensions are not great for improving the ski fitness in your legs because there is no stabilization needed and you could end up doing more harm than good by causing strong prime movers and weak stabilizers. Instead you should be doing unilateral and bilateral leg training with both hip and knee dominant exercises.

4. Mobility Training – Mobility exercises are important for improving your ski fitness because they will help you move more effectively and assist to prevent injury. Your hips will need a great deal of mobility so that they take the pressure off your lower back. The same applies for your thoracic spine, which for most people is a bit stiff. This will also help improve your posture.


Hopefully you can see that to enhance your ski fitness it is important to have a well rounded training program that will help you improve your ski conditioning and your ski performance.


If you want a “done for you” ski fitness training plan to take the guess work out of the equation, then download your copy of Total Skiing Fitness and get started today.



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