Best Ski Fitness Training Workouts

Best Ski Fitness Training Workouts

What are the best ski fitness training workouts to get you in shape for the winter skiing season?

To get fit for skiing fast you are going to need to do ski training workouts 2-3 times per week as a minimum. You ski workouts should focus on doing exercises that will help your skiing through developing ski fitness components like balance and core strength. You will also need to include leg endurance and strength ski exercises into your ski training workouts to have the best results.


What are some good example ski exercises to include in your skiing fitness training workouts? Great leg exercises for skiing would be exercises like dumbbell squats, lateral split squats and jumping exercises. If you do these in your ski workouts you can increase your leg power and also your ski fitness so that your legs don’t get so fatigued when riding fresh powder.



Excellent core exercises for skiing workouts include core stability exercises such as the swiss ball plank, rollouts and rotational exercises for skiers like dumbbell or band chops. You need to ensure you include these types of exercises in your ski training so that you have a strong and stable core which will enhance your fitness for skiing.


You should also make sure you are including some upper body exercises in your ski training workouts because it helps keep your body in balance and will help prevent injury through falls when skiing. Great upper body exercises for skiers will include chinups, pushups, rows and presses. Think about doing both pushing and pulling upper body exercises in your skiing training workouts so that your will not have one side of your body stronger than the other. You should be doing an equal amount of both pushing and pulling exercises in your ski workouts.


Finally it will also be beneficial to your ski fitness to do some ski training cardio workouts. Bodyweight exercises like squat jumps, lateral bounds, burpees and mountain climbers make excellent choices for cardio ski workouts because you can do them at home with minimum equipment. Simple choose a few exercises and make them into a circuit for your ski training cardio workout. Do several circuits of the exercises and you will help to enhance your ski fitness so you can ski hard all day on the mountain.


Hopefully these tips can help you identify the best types of ski fitness training workouts. If you want a step by step ski training fitness plan with done-for-you ski workouts, then make sure you download Total Skiing Fitness – Functional Fitness Training for Skiers and boost your ski fitness this season!


Ski Training

Ski Training

What’s the best way to do some ski training before your next snow trip? How about incorporating some skiing workouts into your weekly routine to enhance your ski fitness and overall skiing performance.

By doing some ski training exercises you can condition your body so that it is more prepared for the rigours of a day on the slopes.

During any one ski day you could be riding powder, skiing moguls, carving down tree lines and hitting kickers. If you go into a day of skiing unprepared, at worst you will end up injured, at best you will be pretty tired and sore by the end of the day. But it doesn’t have to be this way…


Complete Ski Training Workouts

Luckily for you, Total Skiing Fitness has a complete ski training plan that is ready to download and use to improve your overall ski fitness and conditioning.

The benefits of using our ski training plan is that you don’t have to think about what exercises to do next because it is all laid out for you with colour pictures in the PDF manuals and online exercise videos to show you how to perform each exercise.

Once you get started with the ski training program you will develop greater stability through your knees, hips and core, as well as greater leg endurance and mobility.

This will allow you to ski harder all day and not fatigue as quickly. It will also help to protect your body against any unnecessary injuries.


How Long Do The Ski Training Workouts Take?

Each ski training workout is designed so that you don’t need a lot of time. You should be able to get through the workouts in around 45 minutes each. There are two phases to the program with the exercises getting progressively harder during the second phase.


What Equipment Do I Need For The Ski Training Program?

All you need to get started is a swiss ball (exercise ball) and a set of adjustable dumbbells. We want you to be able to do your ski training at home or at the gym with minimum equipment so you don’t have to spend a lot of money to improve your ski fitness.


Sounds good to me… how do I get started?

If you want to download our ski training program you can try it risk free for 60 days. This means we offer a money back guarantee so there is no risk to you in getting started.

If you want to get started on a step by step ski training program, download Total Skiing Fitness and start on the functional training workouts today

Ski Workouts

Ski Workouts

To ski better this snow season you will benefit from undertaking some pre-season ski workouts that will help condition your body to be fit for skiing.

By doing ski training exercises you can improve your core strength, balance and overall fitness so that once you get on the mountain you will have improved your ski fitness and be ready to tackle the fresh powder, moguls and tree lines.


Exercises To Include In Your Ski Workouts

In order to get the most out of your ski workouts you will need to make sure you do exercises that will help enhance the fitness characteristics necessary for skiing.

This means incorporating ski exercises for your legs, core, upper body and mobility into your ski workouts.


Example Exercises For Your Ski Workouts

Squats – Squats are a great exercise to be including in your ski workouts because when you ski you spend a lot of time with your body in a squat position. Squats are excellent for developing lower body strength and power. There are lots of variations of the squats that you can try in your ski workouts, such as dumbbell squats, lateral squats and jump squats.

Split Squats & Lunges – These exercises are also important to have in the ski workouts because they help develop single leg strength. When you ski you spend a lot of time with your weight distributed unevenly through your legs, so it makes sense to train single leg strength and stability. Examples include split squats, lunges, lateral lunges and split squat jumps.

Planks for Core Stability – Planks are excellent exercises for your ski training program because they promote stability in your core and trunk. When you ski you need to be able to absorb forces and remain stable, so including core stability exercises is a must. Examples to add to your ski workouts include side planks, front planks, and swiss ball or BOSU planks.

Pushing and Pulling Exercises – Just because you don’t ski on your arms doesn’t mean you should ignore your upper body in your ski training routine. Make sure you add some upper body push and upper body pull exercises into your ski workouts to make sure you have a balanced training program. Example upper body exercises for skiing could include chinups, pushups, inverted rows and dumbbell shoulder presses.

Mobility Exercises – When you ski you often need to put your body into positions that require a degree of mobility at your joints, especially your hip joints. Having mobile hips can take the pressure off your lower back so that you can move more effectively and decrease your injury risk. Examples for some mobility exercises to add to the ski workouts could be lying leg raises, lateral split squats and spiderman climbs.


Step by Step Ski Workouts

Hopefully you can now appreciate the kind of exercises that you need to think about including in your ski workouts to make sure you enhance your ski fitness this winter.
If you want to start a ski exercise program but don’t know exactly what to do, check out our ski workouts that are already done for you, so all you need to do is download the ski training program and get started today.


Download the Total Skiing Fitness ski workouts now and enhance your ski fitness and performance



Ski Fitness

Ski Fitness

To get the most out of your skiing this season you need to increase your ski fitness so that you can last all day on the mountain without having to retire early due to a lack of conditioning.

There are a lot of great ski exercises you can do at home or at your local gym in order to increase your ski fitness.


Ski Fitness Exercises

To enhance your ski fitness you need to be incorporating a number of different types of ski exercises into your ski workouts.


1. Balance Training – By improving your balance you will increase your ability to stabilize in a changing environment. This means as your balance and ski fitness increases, you will be able to land more jumps, fall less and ski more efficiently as you won’t be using as much energy to keep yourself stable.

2. Core Training – You will need to do more than just situps or crunches to improve your core ski fitness. The latest exercises science is leaning towards more core exercises that help you stabilize against forces acting on your body. This means ski exercises that target anti trunk flexion and extension exercises, anti lateral flexion and also anti rotation training. This basically means you are able to keep stable against these forces.

3. Functional Leg Training – Skiing is done standing up (at least most of the time) so your ski exercises for your legs should predominately be from a standing position. Exercises of machines like leg curls and leg extensions are not great for improving the ski fitness in your legs because there is no stabilization needed and you could end up doing more harm than good by causing strong prime movers and weak stabilizers. Instead you should be doing unilateral and bilateral leg training with both hip and knee dominant exercises.

4. Mobility Training – Mobility exercises are important for improving your ski fitness because they will help you move more effectively and assist to prevent injury. Your hips will need a great deal of mobility so that they take the pressure off your lower back. The same applies for your thoracic spine, which for most people is a bit stiff. This will also help improve your posture.


Hopefully you can see that to enhance your ski fitness it is important to have a well rounded training program that will help you improve your ski conditioning and your ski performance.


If you want a “done for you” ski fitness training plan to take the guess work out of the equation, then download your copy of Total Skiing Fitness and get started today.