Ski Exercises

Core & Balance Ski Exercises

Training your core strength and balance with ski exercises will have a big impact on your skiing fitness.

In order to ski at your best you need to be functionally strong and fit, and the best way to do this is with ski exercises you can do at home or the gym.


Core Strength Ski Exercises

When we talk about core strength with regards to skiing, what you really need is core stability and rotary core strength.

Core stability for skiing will help you stabilize your body so that you will be more efficient carving down the mountain and better able to absorb the forces that impact your body as you ski down the mountain.

Some of the best ski exercises for core stability include variations of the plank or bridge exercise that many people are familiar with.

Rotary core strength refers to your rotational core stability, strength and power. To enhance your ski fitness you need to be able to absorb rotational forces and generate your own rotational forces.

If you include these kinds of ski exercises into your ski workouts you will enhance your turns and the overall efficiency of your skiing.

Some of the best ski exercises for rotary core training include variations of the dumbbell chop or rotational exercises using a swiss ball.


Balance Ski Exercises

Single leg exercises are a great way to improve your balance and skiing fitness. When doing single leg exercise it forces your body to stabilize at your hip, knee and ankle.

Our ski training plan uses lots of single leg ski exercises like the one below to help enhance your balance.


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